Bella Hadid's Prada Bag

Bella Hadid's Prada Bag

A style icon of a generation, Bella Hadid hits the sweet spot between millenial elegance and Gen Z playfulness with her Y2K baddie meets '90s supermodel style. Never missing a beat on vintage finds, we do have something that Miss Hadid herself has: The Prada barrel bag! 

Released in 2010 for the Resort season, Prada's tricolored bag features a lovely mix of butter yellow, powder blue and classic black. Although the bag appears bigger on the runway, it's a lot more leaner in real life. Featuring perforated leather, the breathable holes makes it more beach-friendly. 

Michelle at Sentosa Sensoryscape 

Believe it or not, this bag was locally sourced in Singapore! If you have been looking for it, we are the only shop that has it in the whole wide world. 



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