What Is The Mob Wife Aesthetic?

What Is The Mob Wife Aesthetic?

Say hello to our little friend: the mob wife.

Originating from TikTok, the mob wife aesthetic is inspired by iconic movies/TV shows - The Sopranos, Scarface and Casino - where the wives/girlfriends are dolled up to the nines with their mobster boyfriends/husbands. Although she was no mob wife, Griselda Blanco (played by Sofía Vergara) served mean style as a cartel boss in Netflix's new smash hit Griselda.

Suited and always booted, these ladies have their salon on speed dial and nary a chip on their freshly done manicures. Gold and diamonds sparkle on their chest to wrists. Leopard (or tiger) print is a neutral and silk shirts akin to the plain white T. Fur coats are considered an essential to this look, but it's not completely necessary. While these screen sirens met unfortunate ends, their fashion lives on.

 Shop the top 3 Mob Wife essentials:

1. Silk Shirts


A vintage Cavalli shirt from the 2000s, this silk shirt features a trompe l'oeil fur texture. Throw on some gold hoops and you have the full mob wife look. Style it with jeans and pumps. 


2. Leopard Print 


We LOVE a good leopard print dress. However, the mob wife is someone who wants to show off her figure in style. Look no further than our Dina Bar-El dress, which features lace panels. Ideal to wear at date night, it feels so elegant yet sexy.


For more casual outings, try these vintage Fiorucci leopard print jeans. Adriana La Cerva will definitely approve of this look when you make it work with a leopard print top and gold jewelry. If you wanna channel Griselda's fierce vibe, you can try tiger print like our Elizabeth and James dress! 



3. The black dress


We cannot rave enough about our vintage Versace black dress. Created in the '90s (the decade of the mob movies/tv shows), this simple cutout dress feels aptly fit for the mob wife. You can rent it out for an event, wedding or date! 


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