Joey & T: The Real HERstory Behind Paris and Britney's Favorite Y2K Brand

Joey & T: The Real HERstory Behind Paris and Britney's Favorite Y2K Brand

Remember the good ol' days of super cropped tops and micro minis? Look no further than Joey & T. Founded by two celebrity stylists Joey Tierney and Tanya Tamburin, who styled Britney Spears, it ran from 2002 to 2004. 

It started when The Incredible Miss Britney Spears insisted that Tamburin make her own clothing brand with her friend Tierney. From there, the Joey & T gained so much buzz around LA that Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton strutted their stuff on the runway for Fall 2003. Nicole Richie even joined in on the fun, which was infamously recapped in her debut novel The Truth About DiamondsIn fact, our skirt was modeled on the runway for the brand's Fall 2003 fashion show at LA Fashion Week!  

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Even though Joey & T is out of production, the brand still left their mark on Y2K style with its statement leather skirts. To this day, you can hardly find it on any resale shop except for ours! 

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